Copywriting Consulting &

Collateral Review

Pretty websites.

Pretty brochures.

Cleverly worded sales literature.

Catchy ads.

When we say we’ll provide Copywriting Consulting and Collateral Review, we’re not necessarily talking about making things pretty, witty, catchy or clever.

That part’s easy.

What we’re talking about is …

“Does your collateral sell?”

It’s not enough to create collateral.

In fact we’ve seen sleek, professionally designed collateral that’s failed.

We’ve even seen award winning marketing campaigns that didn’t make their clients any money.

As a business owner or marketer, you need to make sure your collateral irresistibly compels prospects to convert or progress further down your marketing and sales funnels.

The components of your collateral such as the copy, structure, layout and timing can spell the difference between marketing success and marketing failure.


If your collateral isn’t converting, it’s hurting your profits.

As part of our Copywriting Consulting / Collateral Review service, we’ll gladly take a magnifying glass to your printed materials and your digital collateral (such as email, online ads, social media ads, and your website) and make suggestions as to wording, layout, and structure to help your copy increase your conversion ratios.

Remember, a good marketing strategy won’t payoff without good copy.

And good copy focuses not on just what you say, but how you say it, where you say it, and when.

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