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What exactly is Recession Proofing™?

Can any business ever be fully immune from economic volatility?

Let alone can you even use marketing to help recession proof your business?

The answer to both questions is both “yes” and “no.”

No business can ever be fully immune to the effects of economic downturns but by implementing the right strategic marketing initiatives, forward thinking businesses can minimize the impact of recessions and position themselves to capture increased market share when during economic recovery.

However, marketing alone can’t do it.

Sure, you can use marketing to stem the tide of bad economic seasons, and you can make a lot of money using the strategies we’re recommending in good times and bad times.

And while making more money is great, it’s only solving part of the puzzle. The other half of the battle is making sure you keep more of your hard earned profits, in good times and inless than ideal economic conditions.

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