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Details matter. The little things matter. Little things in sales are the difference between success or a prospect going to your competitor and spending money with them.

You could have the best marketing department in your industry, but if your sales people can not optimally convert the new leads generated by marketing, you are wasting your marketing dollars.

In our experience we’ve seen business owners invest a lot of money into marketing only to produce dismal ROI due to underinvestment in their sales departments.

Understanding how sales departments, customer service, clerical staff, receptionists, or anyone who is customer facing has the opportunity to make or break new sales from prospects or future sales from existing clients, it’s important that your sales department is giving the coaching, training and guidance to maximize your marketing ROI and create long-term strategic advantages compared to your competitors.

There are three areas of sales consulting that we consider

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Scripting
  • Sales Choreography


Sales Strategy

Your sales strategy has to be the right sales strategy for your industry and your specific target markets.

Not sure if cold calling, direct mail, emailing, or other approaches are best to get in front of the right buyers in your industry and have them saying “Yes”?

Find out what sales strategies you need and not waste time.

Maximize your sales department’s return on activity and increase yours results with less effort and precious time. Find out why it’s important to streamline your sales processes now especially if you’re a young or growing a small business.

Find out if your sales department needs an integrated approach to capitalize on every opportunity and get your marketing and sales departments on the same page in order to improve conversion rates.


Sales Scripting

Maximize every opportunity to generate more sales  whether a prospect is talking to the Receptionist, Client Services, to the Senior Vice President of Sales.

Sales scripting is for all prospect and client facing personnel in your company.

We’ll review your scripts and provide suggestions.

Don’t have one?

We’ll help you craft new ones specific to your industry.


Sales Choreography

Once you have your foot in the door don’t let a bad environment or bad sales processes affect the sale or get in the way of long-term customer loyalty.

Already have a customer conversion rate?

In some instances sales organizations are good at converting leads to sold clients but have such a bad sales processes it leads to bad word of mouth. This ends up making your sales and marketing department fight an uphill battle through negative referral marketing.

As you know, repeat and referral business is your most profitable business in terms of conversion rates and average gross margins.

With Sales Choreography consulting, we’ll review your sales processes from start to finish to after the sale to ensure you not only maximize conversion, but also maximize gross profit per deal, increase customer satisfaction scores, and decrease long-term marketing costs while boosting repeat and referral business.


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