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About Vega Creatives

We are an integrated strategic marketing consulting firm providing an array of services to small and mid-sized businesses.

We have a particularly affinity for bricks and mortar operations, any company that manufactures its own products, and consulting firms.

We look at your existing marketing program and make recommendations designed to help your business

• Increase revenue

• Increase long-term customer loyalty

• Increase referral business

• Improve shareholder value

• Improve your marketing ROI

• Decrease long-term marketing costs

How We’re Different

We are not your traditional marketing firm.

We believe you should be able to accurately link how much revenue each and every single marketing tactic you currently use is contributing to your business.

Our focus is on

• Making your marketing efforts measurable, trackable, and accountable down to the penny

• Creating a clear and direct path to market and sell to your ideal client base

• Developing marketing strategies to help you increase the predictability and consistency of your income and improve shareholder equity

• Architecting a moat around your best customers and keep them for life

• Implementing 360 degree recommendations and strategies to maximize immediate and long-term revenue generating opportunities

We are so confident in our ability to deliver value and help you increase your revenue we guarantee it. Click the button below for more information

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“Tony brought a unique perspective to our Sales & Marketing responsibility area as well as our Enterprise Development practice area. His knowledge of advertising, sales, marketing, customer retention, product packaging helped shape some of the initiatives at [name of company withheld] in a very positive way.”

Rahul S.

Chairman & CEO, Anant Corporation

“I had little to zero skills on how to organize a business or reach out to future clients. Not only did [Vega Creatives] share [their] method of success with me [. . .] I feel that I am able to achieve my financial goals.”

Matt T.

Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur, Private Company

“Tony’s work authoring the sales and marketing manual, as well as his research […] has been of tremendous value […] His efforts have given us critical information to make better business decisions.”

Kevin M.

Private Consulant, Private Company

“Tony is an excellent communicator. This ability intertwined with his knowledge of sales, marketing, and business is what makes him good at what he does.”


CEO, Confidential

“Thanks To Tony, we now have more clients than we can handle.”

Tony Coppolla & Peter Jabaly

Partners, Coppola & Jabaly, PLLC

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